Freedom of Software

Hardware and Software: Decoupled

Most competitive battery monitoring systems require proprietary and complex software systems that lock you into the hardware manufacturer’s software roadmap. More importantly, interfacing these systems to other operations center software systems has traditionally been difficult, complex, and unreliable.

The PowerAgent BMS is the only battery monitoring system that employs open TCP/IP & SNMP standards at the site controller level. The advantage is “freedom of choice” to decouple the hardware selection from the software selection.

Software Choices

PowerAgent transponders, with their standards-based interface, give you 4 choices of what to do about your software selection:

Two built-in web servers – No software needed!

Every PowerAgent transponder has a built-in web server that allows complete monitoring, control, and configuration using any common web browser.

Our new battery monitoring SC4 site controller actually has 2 web server systems built in.

The “Classic” web system offers unprecedented capabilities to configure and monitor virtually every aspect of the battery monitoring system, including provisioning of alarm thresholds and remotely monitoring and controlling site equipment such as HVAC via optional RIM &ROM (Remote Input/Output Modules).

The new SiteViewer read-only web system offers a powerful and intuitive real-time graphical user interface using state-of-the-art technologies such as HTML5, Javascript and WebSockets. SiteViewer works on most modern browsers, including tablets and smart phones. A desktop version that runs as an executable standalone program is also available from PBT’s web site, allowing you to evaluate the latest beta version of SiteViewer before installing it on your site controller.

Free Lookout Software
Phoenix Broadband has developed a software utility that manages every product we make in one unified graphical user interface. While not an enterprise-class software product, Lookout might be all the monitoring software necessary for operators of smaller networks. Best of all, it’s free!

Altilium Enterprise Software

Altilium is an enterprise-class, feature-rich outside-plant monitoring software solution. It can be implemented as a stand-alone application or integrated with existing network management systems.

Any SNMP Compliant Software
PowerAgent’s SNMP/HMS interface makes it possible to use virtually any SNMP manager, even the expensive NOC systems your enterprise might already own.