Critical Facilities Power Monitoring

Mission-critical facilities require un-interruptable power systems. These systems can take several forms, including DC output power systems as well as UPS AC power systems. In both cases, large banks of batteries are usually installed for short-term backup of the power plant as well as generators for long-term backup operation. It is essential that the batteries, as well as the generators, are tested periodically to ensure that they will perform properly when called into service. It is also very important to know key performance metrics while the backup power system is actually delivering power.

Traditional manual testing of batteries and generators is time consuming and expensive, resulting in only a few data points being collected per year. In addition, periodic manual measurements produce variable data, depending on how the technician makes the measurements and the type of instrument used.  This measurement data is seldom data-based in a form that can be “mined” for trends, and so manual testing is not as useful or valuable as it could be.

Automated remote measuring and monitoring systems can provide continuous and repeatable test data with thousands of data points per year. These data records can be logged and  mined for indications of equipment that needs maintenance or replacement,  trends that predict future equipment failures and environmental parameters that might affect equipment operation or life expectancy.

PBT’s PowerAgent critical power monitoring system is the most comprehensive system on the market. With PowerAgent, you’ll know the complete status of every battery in your plant, where it is in its life-cycle, and how you can expect it to perform when called upon.  In addition, you’ll be able to remotely monitor and control key information about chargers, generators, and even the HVAC and security systems in the facility.