ContactAgent Features

Web-Based Configuration & Control

ContactAgent‘s built-in web server allows you to configure all monitoring modes and alarm thresholds easily and intuitively. Each of its 6 inputs can be user-defined as an analog measurement input or a digital (contact) monitoring input. Digital inputs can be individually set up to make alarms on state changes, and the ‘normal’ and ‘alarm’ states can be user-defined. analog inputs can be bracketed by alarm thresholds. Analog inputs can be defined as DC measurement inputs or RMS AC measurement inputs. Two sets of user-defined  alarm thresholds can be specified for each analog input.

User-defined Analog Scaling
Each analog input can have individual user-defined scale factors applied. Thus, an input that varies from say, 10-12VDC can be made to display in user-defined scaleable units, such as “5.7-9.5 Amps.”

Fail-Safe Relay Outputs
The ROM modules are available with either regular Form-C relay contacts or with mechanically latching contacts. With mechanical latching relays, the contact state will not change during a loss of system power.

SNMP Interface
ContactAgent‘s industry-standard SNMP interface gives you complete control to monitor and manage installations and equipment without locking you into proprietary software.  Most SNMP compliant manager software can easily be made to work with ContactAgent.