Broadest Family of Transponders

PowerAgent Embedded

Many modern outside-plant (OSP) power supplies are designed so that a transponder can be mounted directly in a front-panel opening, making the installation neater, easier, and more reliable. With embedded transponder technology, there is no need for expensive and complex transponder interface cards, eliminating a major source of field installation and reliability problems. The PowerAgent “e”-series of embedded transponders are each designed to perfectly fit and interface to a specific brand and type of supply.

The PowerAgent eCPR embedded transponder is designed for Lectro CPR power supplies.





The PowerAgent eXM2 embedded transponder is for the Alpha XM2




The PowerAgent eXM embedded transponder is for the Alpha XM.  The eXM is the only embedded transponder available for the XM power supply.


PowerAgent External
Most older vintages of OSP power supplies are not capable of accepting an embedded transponder. For these applications, the PowerAgent GP and HMS series of external transponders are most appropriate. The GP series has a general purpose multi-wire interface which, via application-specific wire harnesses, is adaptable to virtually any power supply ever made. The HMS series of transponders have a SCTE/IEEE HMS-0022 serial interface which is compatible with power supplies that have the HMS interface card installed. The HMS-0022 interface was a short-lived evolutionary step between multi-wire transponder interfaces and the newer completely embedded transponder interface.

Accessory Modules

Most PowerAgent transponders can be equipped with various accessory modules, including moisture sensors, AC current sensors, AC utility voltage sensors, cabinet door sensors, and others.