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Guide to Creating Meaningful Alarm Thresholds

Published on Oct 01 2019

The value of remote battery monitoring lies in its efficacy as a predictive tool. Manual battery testing relies on service technicians to physically conduct tests at regular—or not so regular—intervals; the system is prone to procedurals errors and inaccuracy due to inconsistency among technicians performing tests by hand. Additionally, the frequency of manual testing is not sufficient for patterns and trends to emerge, limiting the application of data from such testing to merely capturing isolated snapshots of the health of battery installations.

Remote battery monitoring, on the other hand, leverages the power of trending data to not only ascertain the present status of battery health but to predict future performance and viability. Continuous, consistent collection of data supplies the context needed to establish patterns of performance, enabling organizations to take proactive rather than reactive action.

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The value of enterprise-class monitoring

Published on Sep 17 2019

Battery monitoring is essential to the operational integrity of businesses and organizations of all sizes, providing not only alarm notification but trending data that enables prediction of potential failures and timely intervention to mitigate them. However large enterprises like those in the telecom, wireless, CATV, power, and utilities industries require a level and quality of monitoring service that matches the scale of their operations.

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Cutting operational costs with remote monitoring

Published on Aug 01 2019

In our last article on the value of trending data for performance prediction, we talked about how automated remote monitoring works to provide real-time and historical data that can be mined to determine trends in performance and insights into the future health and longevity of battery installations.

Here, we’ll focus on how that trending data results in a strong ROI for remote monitoring systems by cutting operational costs in three main areas: decreased maintenance costs, increased battery life span, and proactive treatment of potential issues.

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How trending data supercharges performance prediction

Published on Jul 18 2019

From the telecom, wireless, and CATV industries to power utilities, data centers, and government agencies, the reliance on electrical energy is increasingly vital to the viability of businesses and communities. Having an accurate and timely understanding of the health and potential shortcomings of battery installations is not only advantageous but necessary for uninterrupted functionality in our digital world.

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Strengthening Relationships Through Correcting Problems

Published on Sep 25 2018

As a young field technician, I was fighting a thorny problem which kept me from successfully completing the system testing  needed to satisfy a government regulation. The problem was identified as a design flaw that affected the performance of many devices in the field.  A call to the manufacturer for help yielded this response, “We’ve never heard of that problem before. Are you sure you’re not doing something wrong?  We’ll investigate it and let you know what we find.”

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